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Problem solving

5 things I’m trying to do better as a leader

  1. Radical Listening – it can be challenging to focus on what someone is saying as the thoughts run through your mind on the topic being discussed. This is across my work and personal life. I’m trying to be more present and focussed on what the other person is saying.
  2. Defining the problem and not the solution – as a technical expert my default mode is problem-solving, not problem-defining. I don’t want my manager to describe how I should solve the problems I’m tasked with solving. So when it comes to my team I will focus on articulating the problem with more clarity and letting them solve it.
  3. Giving feedback – In my experience most team members crave constant feedback on how they are performing, what they are doing well and how they could improve. In reality, I have observed that many leaders shy away from giving direct feedback (myself included) due to the discomfort it can create. I’m using Matt Mochary’s doc as a guide for best practice.
    • Getting out of the weeds and becoming more strategically focused – again, being a technical expert, it is easy to fall back on the tools to feel like I’m busy, kicking goals and generating endorphin. It’s time to rise above the noise and survey the field and think about the bigger decisions that should be made.
    • Communicating more effectively – it doesn’t serve me to assume the work speaks for itself. As organisations grow as does the importance of the information that flows throughout the ecosystem. Putting on my marketing hat and thinking about the touchpoints that will add value for others.

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